• Consultant to more than 15 monitoring and evaluation programs in a wide variety of contexts
  • Consultant in development of research and monitoring and evaluation protocols for small and large scale programs
  • Experienced teacher in the field of M&E and acquainted with contemporary theory and practice of M&E
  • Specialised understanding of M&E and program development research in Educational field
  • Competent in research design, sampling methodologies, questionnaire development, quantitative and qualitative data collection procedures, quantitative data analysis, computer aided qualitative data analysis, participatory research methodologies, different approaches to programme monitoring and evaluation, program management
  • Familiar with frameworks and protocols for monitoring and evaluation of ILO and world bank programmes
  • Familiar with a broad range of interventions and particular expertise in understanding behavioural and social responses to Educational Programs, local government responses to capacity building, partnerships to reduce unemployment
  • Advanced computing skills with experience and competence in leading research projects
  • Extensive experience in managing field-work and training of field-workers
  • Successfully written many funding and research proposals
  • High level skills in report writing and presentation of findings including focused groups, observation tools and developing case study
  • Experienced in setting statistics, data analysis and interpretation, with a good working knowledge of: StatsGraphics and Statistica for quantitative data analysis and presentation; Atlas.ti for qualitative data processing. Also an experienced user of standard MS Office Suite packages, including Excel and Powerpoint
  • Developed experience in media development and research procedures for evaluating media materials in numerous projects

Our mission is to provide executive leadership, as well as set priorities and goals .

Hany Amin

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